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Our Story, Then and Now

In the last two decades of the 19th century, following the Emancipation Proclamation, organized dentistry for African Americans was restricted to multi-professional groups. These groups were primarily small and composed of health care professionals living in the same community. Members of the groups were primarily comprised of physicians, pharmacists and usually a few dentists. Multi-professional groups served several purposes for black health care professional but specifically, afforded black dentists an opportunity to improve professional proficiency, promote public awareness of oral hygiene, enlighten public opinion about dentistry, and seek uniform, fair and just state and federal laws. These organizations not only provided the framework for the development of professionals, but also practical experience in shaping individuals into a cohesive group operating within a structure designed to achieve specific goals. Moreover, the professional groups were active in their communities and well-respected by the African American communities they served.​

The Old North State Dental Society promotes oral health among people of color in the state of North Carolina.


Family at a Beach
College Student


  1. To continue to harness the collective power of our members.

  2. Advocating for the needs of and mentoring dental students of color.

  3. Raising the profile of the profession in the state of north carolina

Executive Board:

President:  Dr. Curtis W. Newsome
Immediate past President: Dr. Eric Sadler
President Elect: Dr. Elise Newsome
Vice President: Dr. Robin Mayo
Secretary:  Dr. Anthony Brown
Treasurer:  Dr. Marcus Jean
Administrative Assistant:  Chimere Collins, RDH

Student Affairs Committee Chair: Dr. Tierra Rorie
New Dentist Committee Chairperson: Dr. Glenn Baldwin
MOM Clinic Committee Chairperson : Dr. Ralph Mensah

Executive board Member at Large:  Dr. Roslyn Crisp
Executive board Member at Large:  Dr. Vincent Allison

Executive board Member at Large:  Dr. Robert Selden

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