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National Dental Association 

Please support our parent organization the National Dental Association through membership.  The NDA represents 10,000 oral health professionals- students, hygienists, assistants, and spouses.  Today the NDA promotes access to oral health care in underserved populations, offers scholarships and support programs to promote dentistry among young students of color and supports efforts to enhance oral health literacy in vulnerable communities.  None of this is possible without support form YOU!

our mission:

Give hope to those who need it most!


The mission of the Old North State Dental Society is to promote the health of the people of North Carolina, through excellence in providing patient care, to contribute to the advancement of dental education, to aid in the enactment and enforcement of just dental laws, to espouse inter-professional relations so as to encourage the exchange of ideas and to advance the dental health of the citizens of the state of North Carolina.‚Äč



To become a state leader in improving oral health through excellence in patient care, continuing education, public service, and professional exchange with our national organization.



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Our brand is related to excellence and our history is connected to providing knowledge to help maintain dental health.

public service

Annually, hundreds of dentists donate thousands of dollars of service demonstrating our commitment to the community.

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Register for the free Dentistry event being held at the 2016 Annual Convention in Greensboro NC

2016 Annual Meeting

JUNE 24-26 2016